About Anneliese

Anneliese joined our team as our receptionist in 2020 and quickly developed the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in this field, leading to her promotion to our Sales and Leasing Administrator. In this role, Anneliese effectively managed our sales and leasing processes, coordinated with clients and agents, and ensured the seamless execution of transactions.

In 2024, Anneliese embarked on a new chapter within our office, transitioning to the role of Assistant Asset Manager within the Asset Management team. Leveraging her rich experience from her time as our Sales and Leasing Administrator, Anneliese brings a wealth of expertise to her new role. Her dedication, hard work, and attention to detail have consistently made her an invaluable member of our team.

With a deep understanding of commercial real estate processes and excellent communication skills, Anneliese is well-equipped to contribute significantly to the success of our property management endeavors. We are immensely proud to have Anneliese as a versatile and dedicated member of our team, and we eagerly anticipate her continued success in her new role.

Client Testimonials

"I have been thrilled with Anneliese taking over managing my portfolio of investments. She is prompt..."

K Price

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