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May 10, 2024

Property Management team has transformed into the Asset Management department

Team Update!  We're thrilled to share that our Property Management team has transformed into the Asset Management department. Our familiar faces, Mikaliha, Danielle, Sam, and Anneliese, are now recognized as Asset Managers.Their dedication and expertise remain unchanged, just now with a title that mirrors our commitment to maximizing value and growth for your investments.Rest assured, our team's contact details remain unchanged and are still the same

Apr 23, 2024

Does Your Tenant Have an Upcoming CPI Rent Increase?

Does Your Tenant Have an Upcoming CPI Rent Increase?

Mar 28, 2024

Does Your Tenant Want to Vacate While in an Active Lease?

Feb 29, 2024

Property Management Tips!

Your Land Tax Assessment Notice is Due Soon!

Jun 29, 2023

Maximising EOFY in Commercial Real Estate

As the financial year comes to a close on June 30th, commercial real estate stakeholders can take strategic steps to maximize their opportunities. By focusing on performance, tax planning, lease reviews, and goal-setting, businesses and investors can make the most of this critical period. Reflect on Performance: Evaluate investment success, rental yields, and portfolio performance. Analyze data to identify areas of strength and improvement. Plan for Taxes: Optimize financial advantages by leveraging tax deductions and incentives for expenses like maintenance, repairs, depreciation, and interest payments. Seek guidance from tax professionals. Review Leases: Assess existing leases, rental rates, and expiry dates. Explore renegotiation opportunities and strategies to attract new tenants. Set Financial Goals: Establish clear goals and develop a strategic plan for the new financial year to enhance property performance and identify investment opportunities. The end of the financial year presents a prime opportunity for commercial real estate stakeholders to optimize performance and set the stage for future success. By reflecting on performance, planning for taxes, capitalizing on sales, reviewing leases, and setting financial goals, businesses and investors can navigate the commercial real estate landscape with confidence. Embrace the potential of this period to maximize returns and propel your ventures forward. Our Landlord’s will receive their End of Financial year statements on 30 June. If you have any questions in relation to the above, or have any other property management queries please do not hesitate to contact the Property Management team on 02 4731 3399.